Black Baseball in Living Color Exhibit

The Artwork of Graig Kreindler
Presented by Jay Caldwell

The purpose of this art exhibit and its accompanying book is to educate the public on the players of the Negro Leagues, the teams on which they played, and the geographic scope of their playing fields from all 48 states (as of 1946), the U.S. territories of Alaska and Hawaii, and countries ranging from Canada to Mexico, Puerto Rico to Japan, Cuba to Venezuela, the Dominican Republic to the Philippines, and more.

The story of the Negro Leagues was rarely told until the 1990s and is mostly seen in relatively few black and white photographs compared to the white major leagues of the era.  This exhibit brings the players and their uniforms to life through the talented paintbrush of Graig Kreindler.

Graig Kreindler is one of the foremost painters of American sports.  He is known as The Painter of the National Pastime and the United States Sports Academy named Kreindler the Sports Artist of the Year, Painter in 2018.

Show Dates

  • February – May 2020 Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Kansas City, MO

(This show marked the Centennial of the founding of the Negro National League, but was ended early due to Covid)

  • May – July 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Kansas City, MO
  • February – April 2023 St. Petersburg Museum of History St. Petersburg, FL
  • July – November 2023 Detroit Historical Society Detroit, MI


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