Negro League Collecting

Negro League Collecting by Brian Dwyer, President Robert Edwards Auctions People often ask what I collect, and I tell them that I have the best collection in the world twice a year. Every spring and every fall, I am entrusted with thousands of artifacts spanning the great history of America’s pastime and tasked with presenting […]

Addicted to the Negro Leagues Museum

The barber shop and room mock-ups give you a sense of what life was like for the average Negro Leagues player. The historical timeline which is challenged to keep up with the changing leagues and history that made up Negro Leagues baseball always helps you keep in historic perspective the backdrop of events that were going on in the world at the time. That part of the museum (and life in the Negro Leagues) is presented in unsparing detail.

“Wait, Josh Gibson played for the Cuban Stars, too?”

That’s what I said to myself only weeks before the Uniforms of Josh Gibson posters were about to be printed. In about eight months’ time (starting from late 2016), I had done a ton of research on the man, especially from a visual standpoint. He had played for many teams throughout his storied career, in the Negro Leagues, Cuban Leagues, Venezuelan Leagues, Dominican Leagues and Mexican Leagues. Each time, donning a different uniform for varying amounts of time, sometimes for an entire winter campaign, others for only a few games.

Reflections on a Century of Black Baseball History

2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of a special meeting. In the dusk of war, industrialization, and segregation, a group of entrepreneurs came together in Kansas City to form a partnership. The partnership would include mutual respect as well as strong rivalries, but would endure for almost 50 years as a game changing institution for society.