John Golden

John Golden manned the hot corner for the Ellensburg Colts. He typically hit sixth in the batting order, just ahead of Daviscourt. Initially the league had six teams, then contracted to just four; Yakima Tigers, Ellensburg Colts, Toppenish Indians, and Prosser Elks.

Baseball Archeology in Cuba

Baseball Archeology in Cuba A Trip to Guines by Mark Rucker Visiting Cuba is like tripping in a time machine. We’re not talking about a beach vacation at Veradero, but a visitation to the living, working Cuba. A Cuba, where baseball is woven into the shirts they wear, is the caffeine in their coffee, and […]

Negro League Collecting

Negro League Collecting by Brian Dwyer, President Robert Edwards Auctions People often ask what I collect, and I tell them that I have the best collection in the world twice a year. Every spring and every fall, I am entrusted with thousands of artifacts spanning the great history of America’s pastime and tasked with presenting […]

Reflections on a Century of Black Baseball History

2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of a special meeting. In the dusk of war, industrialization, and segregation, a group of entrepreneurs came together in Kansas City to form a partnership. The partnership would include mutual respect as well as strong rivalries, but would endure for almost 50 years as a game changing institution for society.